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The CIII Program


Brussels, September 30th – October 2nd, 2016

Thursday September 29th
09:00-17:30Pre-Course on Modern Breast Surgery
Friday September 30th
08:25-08:30Welcome & Opening remarksMoustapha Hamdi & Alexis Verpaele
08:30-10:15Morning Session I: The Abdominoplasty: leaving conventional techniques behind.Moderators: P. Tonnard – D. Hurwitz
08:30-08:45The used of barbed suture in the abdominoplasty L. Toledo
08:45-09:00Abdominoplasty without fascia plicature M. Abboud
09:00-09:15Drainless abdominoplasty J. Ahmad
09:15-09:30Dynamic Definition Lipoabdominoplasty A. Hoyos
09:30-09:45Shaping the trunkL .Cárdenas
09:45-10:00Liposuction: what works for usL. Triana
10:15-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-12:00Morning Session II: Arm & Thigh – “what really works!”Moderators: A. Verpaele – L. Triana
11:00-11:15Brachioplasty: classification & surgical techniques D. Hurwitz
11:15-11:30PAL + fat grafting brachioplastyM. Abboud
11:30-11:45Correcting arm flaccidityL. Cárdenas
11:45-12:00Arm definition Lipo-contouringA. Hoyos
12:00-12:30Keynote Lecture: The Birth of Liposuction: my storyModerator: M. Hamdi
Guest Speaker: Prof. G. Fischer
14:00-18:003-D Live Surgery from UZ Brussel
14:00-14:15Presentation of patientsModerators: A. Verpaele – M. Hamdi – M. Pelle
OR 1:
PolyUrethane Implant for revisional breast AugmentationP. Tonnard
Dynamic Definition Mini abdominoplastyA. Hoyos
OR 2:
Primary breast augmentation with Nano technology Implant P. Heden
Gluteal Implant R. Abs
Female Genital Aesthetic SurgeryL. Triana
OR 3: (optional)
No Scar – MastopexyR. Khouri
15:00-15:20Keynote Lecture: The Evolution of training system in aesthetic surgeryModerator: M. Hamdi
Guest Speaker: Prof. A. Rancati
16:00-17:00Round Table: Orbishape (only by invitation) Room/Salle AstridM. Hamdi – P. Heden – E. Gur – M. Atlan – M. Noah
19:30-23:30Faculty Dinner (Hotel Solvay)Only by invitation
Saturday October 1st
08:30-10:30Morning Session I: Calfs, Buttocks and Genitalia RejuvenationModerators: L. Cardenas – B. Hendrickx
08:30-08:50Calf implants: how to avoid complicationsR. Abs
08:50-09:10Gluteal contour: different procedureL. Cárdenas
09:10-09:30Gluteal shaping in post bariatric patientsD. Hurwitz
09:30-09:50Safety and efficacy in gluteal fat graftingL. Triana
09:50-10:10Labioplasty: the rising star in our practiceJ. Ahmad
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-11:30Morning Session II: Breast Augmentation in 21st Century “round table”Moderators: T. Biggs – P. Tonnard
11:00-11:104/4 ImplantC. Stan
11:10-11:20PolyUrethane: Implant for all sessionsA. Verpaele
11:20-11:30Is this the end of Stable-form Implant?P. Heden
11:30-11:40How it should beP. Mallucci
11:40-11:50Nano surface ImplantS. Spear
11:50-12:00B-Light implant M. Scheflan
12:00-12:30A debate Lecture: ALCL – fact or fiction? Moderator: M. Scheflan
Guest Speakers: M. Clemence – S. Spear
14:00-15:30Afternoon Session I: Augmentation-Mastopexy: Demystify the MythModerators: S. Spear – P. Heden
14:00-14:15The importance of preoperative planningD. Von Heimburg
14:15-14:30A cognitivist approachM. Pelle Ceravolo
14:30-14:45Suspension shapingC. Stan
14:45-15:00Tailor-Tacking technique in Pexy/AugM. Salgarello
15:00-15:15Scar versus ShapeP. Mallucci
15:30-16:00Coffee break
16:00-17:15Afternoon Session II: Modern Concepts in MastopexyModerators: M. del Yerro – D. Von Heimburg
16:00-16:15Mastopexy: how it worksJ. Ahmad
16:15-16:30Volume Redistributing MastopexyM. Hamdi
16:30-16:45Mastopexy with Inner Bra SystemP. Heden
16:45-17:00Scarless MastopexyR. Khouri
17:15-19:00Worldwide Solutions for Tuberous BreastModerators: C. Stan – M. Salgarello
17:30-17:45Management of Contour Deformities after Breast AugmentationJ. Fisher
17:45-18:00Complication after breast augmentationR. Graf
18:00-18:15Reshaping primary and secondary breast deformities, using anatomical implantsM. del Yerro
18:15-18:30Secondary breast augmentationG. Botti
20:00-23:30Business Dinner (Culture Club in Le Plaza)
Sunday October 2nd
09:00-10:15Morning Session I: Breast AugmentationModerator: T. Biggs
09:00-09:20The Role of Biofilms and Antibiotics in Capsular Contracture F. Nahai
09:20-09:4015 years experience with micropolyurethane covered silicone gel implantsP. Tonnard
09:40-10:00Breast Augmentation with Stable -form Implants A. M. Feller
10:00-10:20The importance of the lower pole arc in making the soft tissue match the implant in breast augmentation D. Hammond
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-12:30Morning Session II: Pexy/AugmentationModerator: M. Hamdi
11:00-11:20Augmentation vs. Pexy/Aug – Evaluating the Fine Line Between ThemJ. Fisher
11:20-11:40The circumvertical pattern in augmentation mastopexy D. Hammond
11:40-12:00Mastopexy and breast augmentation G. Botti
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