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Controversies, Art and Technology in Breast & Body Contour Aesthetic Surgery (CATBBAS II)

Program Overview
Brussels, June 19-22, 2014

Thursday June 19
19:00-23:00Pre-congress Faculty Dinner
Friday June 20
08:25-08:30Welcome & Opening remarksMoustapha Hamdi & Alexis Verpaele
08:30-10:15Morning Session I: Optimizing Results in AbdominoplastyModerator: Patrick Tonnard
08:30-08:50Treatment of the myoaponeurotic layer during abdominoplastyF. Nahas
08:50-09:10Abdominoplasty with progressive tension sutures and scarpa-lift.D. Richter
09:10-09:30Abdominoplasty with or without drainsA. Aly
09:30-09:45Out patient abdominoplasty: Faster, Safer and Drain FreeF. Lista
09:45-10:00LP Flap for buttocks reshaping in body lift surgeryC. Le Louarn
10:15-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-12:00Morning Session II: Lipoabdominoplasty- “Round Table”Moderator: D. Richter
11:00-11:15Lipoabdominoplasty – 25 years of technical developments and latest recommendationsC. Le Louarn
11:15-11:30Lipoabdominoplasty – 13 years. Why I keep using?O. Saldanha
11:30-11:45Lipoabdominoplasty, why?A. Aly
11:45-12:00Abdominoplasty versus lipoabdominoplastyF. Nahas
12:00-12:45New Trends in Fat injectionModerator: R. Khouri
12:00-12:15Nanograft: for skin rejuvenationP.Tonnard & M. Hamdi
12:15-12:30Role of Minoxidi 5% in fat injectionC. Le Louarn
14:00-18:00Live Surgery from UZBrussel
14:00-14:15Presentation of patientsModerators: A. Verpaele & A. M. Feller
OR 1:
Pexy-AugmentationC. Stan
Inner thigh liftC. Le Louarn
Nanograft (striae)P. Tonnard & M. Hamdi
OR 2:
Mastopexy with internal suspension (Orbix system) + M. Hamdi
LipoAbdominoplasty O. Saldanha
Nanograft (decollté/striae)P. Tonnard & M. Hamdi
19:30-23:30Faculty Dinner
Saturday June 21
09:00-10:30Morning Session I: Safety in Body Contouring SurgeryModerator: A. Aly
09:00-08:50Belt Surgery: markings, safety, reducing OR timeA. Aly
09:20-09:10Time management and safety aspects in circumferential body-liftsD. Richter
09:40-10:00Safety of combined procedures in body contouring surgeryA. Verpaele
10:00-10:20ISAPS and patient safety diamondI. Van Heijningen
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-11:30Morning Session II: Buttocks and Genitalia RejuvenationModerator: F. Nahas
11:00-11:15Power assisted liposuction mammoplasty (PALM)M. Abboud
11:15-11:30Mega volume fat grafting in the matrix: applications for the buttocksM. Abboud
11:30-11:45Gluteal augmentation in circumferential body-liftsD. Richter
11:45-12:00Genital rejuvenationP. Vermeulen
12:00-12:30Keynote Lecture: The Evolution of Reduction MammaplastyModerator: M. Hamdi
Guest Speaker: Foad Nahai
14:00-15:30Afternoon Session I:Optimizing Outcome in Vertical Scar MammaplastyModerator: D. Hammond
14:00-14:20Vertical Scar Breast Reduction: The 10 Steps to SuccessF. Lista
14:20-14:401000 Lejour Mammaplasty: the experience of one centerA. De Mey
14:40-15:00Long-lasting Results in Breast ReductionR. Graf
15:00-15:15Presentation outcome live surgery and CATBBAS I (Ghent 2012):Moderator: M. Hamdi & P. Tonnard
15:15-16:00Coffee break
16:00-17:15Afternoon Session II Enhancing breast shape in MammaplastyModerator: J. Fisher
16:00-16:15Breast Reduction with small implant – when and why?O. Saldanha
16:15-16:30Mastopexy suspension sutureC. Stan
16:30-16:45Mastopexy with internal suspension system M. Hamdi
16:45-17:00Reverse Abdominoplasty and Fat Transfer (RAFT)- A Versatile Procedure in Plastic SurgeryR. Khouri
17:15-19:00Solutions for Breast deformities:Moderator: F. Nahai
17:30-17:45Management of Contour Deformities after Breast AugmentationJ. Fisher
17:45-18:00Complication after breast augmentationR. Graf
18:00-18:15Reshaping primary and secondary breast deformities, using anatomical implantsM. del Yerro
18:15-18:30Secondary breast augmentationG. Botti
18:30-18:45Implant to fat conversionR. Khouri
20:00-23:00Gala Dinner (Solvay Library)
Sunday June 22
09:00-10:15Morning Session I: Breast AugmentationModerator: T. Biggs
09:00-09:20The Role of Biofilms and Antibiotics in Capsular Contracture F. Nahai
09:20-09:4015 years experience with micropolyurethane covered silicone gel implantsP. Tonnard
09:40-10:00Breast Augmentation with Stable -form Implants A. M. Feller
10:00-10:20The importance of the lower pole arc in making the soft tissue match the implant in breast augmentation D. Hammond
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-12:30Morning Session II: Pexy/AugmentationModerator: M. Hamdi
11:00-11:20Augmentation vs. Pexy/Aug – Evaluating the Fine Line Between ThemJ. Fisher
11:20-11:40The circumvertical pattern in augmentation mastopexy D. Hammond
11:40-12:00Mastopexy and breast augmentation G. Botti
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