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September 25th – 26th 2020 – BRUSSELS

Online course

Mini-CATBBAS Program

Friday September 25      Breast & Buttock Surgery

10.00   Welcome M. Hamdi, V. Breinhild, W. Steimel

10.15   Breast B-Lite session

Dael Govreen Segal: Innovation and Evolution (10 min)
Recorded live surgery from S Clinic by  (30 min)
P. Mallucci & R. de Vita:
P. Mallucci: My reasons for change (15 min)
José Luis Martin del Yerro: How do I select (15 min)
Expert discussion:  (15 min)
Mallucci-del Yerro-Stan-Hamdi
Q&A with participants  (30 min )

12.00   Buttock session           F. Petit:   (45 min)

How to build your practice of buttock surgery:
Lessons from cadaver dissection, surgical tips to clinical experience and media role.

Buttock Interview by Tom Biggs  (15 min)

Q&A with participants  (30 min)

13.30   Lunch break

14.00   Microthane session   M.Hamdi: (30 min)

When science meets with clinical outcome
Recorded live surgery from S Clinic by  (30 min)
M.Hamdi  & C. Stan:

C. Stan:
Important reasons for a Diagon gel breast implant  (30 min)

Q&A with participants    (30 min)

16.00   Pre-pec breast Reconstruction Session

R. de Vita: Optimal outcome without ADM (30 min)
M. Salgarello: Surgical technique with ADM   (20 min)
M. Salgarello: Breast reconstruction in Covid time (10 min)

Q&A with participants         (30 min)

17.30   End


Saturday September 26         Current Practice & Social Media

10.00    C. Stan    ( 30 min)
How to run a successful practice in our current environment

10.30   Social Media Session  P. Montemurro
The influence of social media in breast surgery    (20 min)

L. Magalhaes Ramos
Social media, TV, website and marketing plans    (20 min)

C. Stan: My preparation for social media (20 min)

Q&A with participants      (30 min)

12.00   End

Should you have any questions beforehand please contact us.

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