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Dear Colleague, we invite you to the CATBBASII meeting ‘Controversies, Art & Technology in Breast and Body contouring Aesthetic Surgery’, which will take place in Brussels, Belgium, from June 20th to 22nd, 2014.

Local host, Prof. Dr. Moustapha Hamdi together with Dr. Patrick Tonnard and Dr. Alexis Verpaele, will again gather world pioneers in breast and body contouring surgery. With 21 faculty members, The CATBBAS II meeting becomes the largest scientific conference in breast and body contouring aesthetic surgery in Europe.

It is your opportunity to follow world-renown experts discussing several surgical techniques using last developed technology in hot topics. As usual, we expect lively discussions and much interaction between faculty and audience.

[border width=”4″ color=”#227a58″]Key Note Lecture: The Evolution of Reduction Mammaplasty
By Prof. Foad Nahai (USA)[/border]

Live surgery will be broadcasted in 3D High Definition, the newest high quality standard.

  • Inner-Bra Mammaplasty with Orbishape innovative Breast Supporting System ®
  • Pexy/Augmentation
  • NanoFat Grafting
  • Saldanha Technique for Lipoabdominoplasty
  • Hollywood inner thigh lift.



  • Drainless abdominoplasty and Lipoabdominoplasty: a hot battle between Brazilians, Americans and European pioneers!
  • Enhancing fat grafting: the Khouri technologies, the Nanofat, and much more….
  • State of the art in genital aesthetic surgery
  • Vertical Scar Mammaplasty: where are we now?
  • Scarless Mastopexy: are we there?
  • New trends in mastopexy: double flap techniques.
  • Breast volume re-distribution technique: a new concept in combined Pexy/breast augmentation.
  • How to deal with breast complications and secondary breast revision.
  • Can we avoid capsula contracture?
[border width=”4″ color=”#227a58″]A PolyTech® pre-symposium course will be organized on June, Thursday19th. The course will cover an update of breast implants covered with Polyurethane.[/border]

We are looking forward to welcome you in Brussels, June 2014!
Our best regards,

Moustapha Hamdi Patrick Tonnard Alexis Verpaele.

  • Pre-Symposium Course
  • Fat Grafting & Breast Implants
  • Venue
  • Hotel Thon
  • Rue de la Loi 75
  • 1040 Brussels
  • 3D Live Surgery
  • High Definition 3D
  • Broadcsted from
  • Brussels University Hospital
  • Laarbeeklaan 101
  • 1090 Brussels
  • Book Release
  • Vertical Scar Mammaplasty 2nd ed.
  • 19h00 – 20h00
  • Book Release
  • 20h00 – 23h30
  • Gala Diner

Organized by:

Department of Plastic Surgery – Brussels University Hospital
Coupure Centrum for Plastic Surgery – Ghent

Organizing committee:
Moustapha Hamdi, Benoit Hendrickx, Patrick Tonnard, Alexis Verpaele & Assaf Zeltzer

Scientific committee:
Moustapha Hamdi, Patrick Tonnard & Alexis Verpaele

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And register your attendance to CATBBASII, the Pre Seminar Course and/or the Gala Dinner